The Book

Benefits of Keeping a Health Journal

  • Recording your health history will simplify your life.
  • It empowers you to be in control.
  • Journaling allows you peace of mind to know the when, where, and why about your health.
  • The doctor's office should not be the only place your records are kept.
  • Your health is the single most important aspect of your life.
  • If you don't take care of your health you cannot enjoy your wealth.





Features of the Book

Medical & Dental Journal Sheets- contains sheets for doctor's information, your medical problem and three questions to ask your doctor before you leave the house, your medication/treatment and a comment section about your visit.

Quick Reference Sheets- by incorporating this new sheet, you will have a Quick Reference Section for all major procedures at your fingertips for both the Medical and Dental Sections.

Additional Comments- your relationship with your doctor is important, so talking with him/her should lead to conversations about your health and will help put you at ease. On the back cover of each journal sheet is a section for this conversation or just space for your comments on your visit.

Medicine Information- taking some medications together with others can cause problems. On the journal sheet page, there is a line for medication/treatment. Record the name of the medication and its reaction to your body, how it made you feel, the dose of the medication, how often you had to take it and any other information you may feel is important.

Family Health History- you will no longer have a blank look on your face when your doctor asks you about your family's health history. This section list some diseases with a line for the name of the family who has or had the disease. Genetically, we maybe pre-disposed with a disease and not know it until an illness occurs. Ask a family member to help in completing this section.

Note Section- if you experience dizziness, toothache, blurred vision or when something just does not feel right, record it here. If the pain goes away or not, at least it has been recorded for the doctor. At your doctor's visit, probably the first question asked is, "When did your symptoms first appear?".

Business Card/ Appointment Card Holder- a pocket on the back cover is convenient for placing your doctor's business card(s)/appointment card. This pocket will eliminate your searching frantically for the card when you need to contact his/her office or being transferred throughout the hospital or clinic.

Prescription Holder- there is also a pocket for your prescription(s) on the back pocket. Simply place the slip in this pocket for safe keeping. You can also use this pocket for hospital garage parking ticket.

Other Features Include- lays flat for easy writing, pages are secured and user friendly sheets.  

Tips from the Author

*Bring your journal with you to all of your doctor's visits and before you leave home write your three questions down in the journal so you can be prepared for the doctor.

*When I was looking for my husband's angioplasty procedure, while he waited at the clinic, having the Quick Reference Section, would have saved time.

*In the Additional Comments Section- try to remember as much as possible. I recommend you go back to a quiet place and if time allows, record your important information.

*Share your family's history information with other family members. A life could depend on it, or better yet have a Healthy Party and everyone bring a healthy dish.

*For Medical Information- one suggestion is to place a small sticky label (cut in half) on the actual bottle, and write what part of the body the medicine is for. Months later, if you find the bottle and the illness is gone, you can throw the medicine bottle away.

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