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Organize your health once and for all!!!!
Organize your health once and for all!!!

Welcome to the home of the Medical & Dental Health Journal. Have you ever left the doctor's office, returned home, and realized that you don't remember a single comment from your doctor, the medicine prescribed and the symptoms you should be aware of, or the entire conversation that took place? We all have those types of visits, but no more!

By Diane E. Johnson
" I only hope that I may me able to show another person caring for a loved one.... that keeping accurate health records is extremely beneficial." Continue Reading About Author»

How will this book benefit you?

The Medical & Dental Health Journal will allow you to record the comments from your doctor, dates of doctor visits, your vital statistics, the medicines prescribed, and any recommendations you could use to prevent your illness from escalating, and much, much more.


Another important point is writing in this journal will keep your health history available for other family members to view in the event you should become sick, and knowing the medication (s) you are taking will assist them in your recovery.

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